Oliva Eats

Introducing a restaurant directory app where I recommend places to eat and drink in the cities I visit.
Passion Project
Oliva Eats is an ongoing passion project I built using Softr and Airtable. My idea came up when I was starting out the 100 days of No-Code Challenge. Since one of the tasks was to build an app using Softr software, I decided it would be great to gather all my favorite restaurants and bars in one database and share it to anyone who asks me for recommendations when traveling to cities I have already visited.
The app includes restaurants and bars in the cities I visit and live. You can filter and sort by type of cuisine and city. I provided information about the establishment as well as its location. All the images used in the app are my own.
I hope that the directory will benefit other travellers looking for unique places and recommendations on their travels as I continue to expand it.
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